Topics of Interest

AUC2 welcomes submissions on (but is not limited to) the following topics:

CI: Computational Intelligence
Bioinformatics, Protein Folding, DNA and Molecular Computing, Nano Technology Numerical Methods, Intelligent Systems, Evolutionary Computing, Fuzzy and Neural Computing, Genetic Algorithms, Machine Intelligence and Applications, Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks, Human Computer Interaction, User Interface and Usability

SE: Software Engineering
Software Engineering Software Verification and Validation, Software Requirement Engineering, Software Components and Prototyping, Software Design and Architecture, Software Project Management, Software Testing, Development Paradigms, Software Process, Software Evolution, Software Quality, Software Measurement, Software Configuration Management

KDM: Knowledge and Data Management
Data Mining, Database Systems, Distributed Database Systems, Geographical Information Systems, Digital Archive Management, Digital Library, Search Engine Techniques, Big data

CSN: Computer Systems and Computer Networks
Computer Architecture, Computer Simulation and Modeling, Computer Security, Embedded Systems, Fault-Tolerant Computing, Optimization, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Virtualization, VLSI Design and Applications, Programming Languages and Compilers, Cloud Computing, Cluster and Grid Integration, Grid Models, Computer Networks and Communications, Quality of Services, Wireless and Sensor Networks, Network Management, Real Time Communications, Pervasive and Mobile Computing, VoIP and Multimedia Communications, 3G and Beyond, Networks and Services, P2P Networks and Services, Network Protocols and Architectures, Network Security, Mobility Ad Hoc Networks, Network Routing and Optimization, Resource Management, Future Internet

MCG: Multimedia, Computer Graphics and Games
Multimedia Technology, Computer Animation, Visualization, Game Development

IT: Information Technology
Internet Technology and Applications, Semantic Web and Ontology, SOA and Web Services, Mobile Technology

CE: Computer Education
e-Learning Technologies and Applications, Computer Aided Instruction

BI: Business Intelligence
e-Business Technologies and Applications, Information Technology Management, ERP, MIS

DSA: Data Science and Analytics
Learning for streaming data, Learning for structured and relational data, Intent and insight learning, Mining multi-source and mixedsource information, Mixed-type and structure data analytics, Cross-media data analytics, Big data visualization, modeling and analytics, Multimedia/stream/text/visual analytics, Relation, coupling, link and graph mining, Personalization analytics and learning, Web/online/social/network mining and learning, Structure/group/community/network mining, Cloud computing and service data analysis

IOT: Internet of Things
Developing a privacy and security framework to foster a dynamic and trustworthy Internet of Things, Smart Healthcare and Wellbeing, Smart Homes and building automation, Smart Energy and Utilities, The Industrial Internet of Things, Smart Transportation, Spectrum Management for the Internet of Things, Standardizations, Digital Single Market